By default the installation programs for ComponentOne Studio for .NET
places assemblies in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\ComponentOne Studio.NET\bin

To install the new assemblies, unzip the contents of the pre-release
component into the bin directory of your installation folder.

Next install the assemblies into the GAC. You can do this by using
Windows Explorer (it has a shell extension to manage the GAC) or use

If you're using Windows Explorer you can just drag and drop the assembly
from the bin folder into the \winnt\assembly folder otherwise you'll need
to use gacutil.exe. Open a command prompt and change your directory to
the bin folder. At the command prompt you can use the following to register
the assembly into the GAC.

     > gacutil /if <assembly>

You can uninstall it later if needed with the command:

     > gacutil /u <assembly>

Click the following link for the ComponentOne Licensing FAQ: LicensingFAQ